free/libre and open source driver project for adreno GPUs

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Freedreno: free/libre driver project for adreno GPUs

The freedreno project is a free and open source linux driver for the 2D/3D GPUs in qualcomm snapdragon SoCs.

Today, in the ARM SoC space, binary blob 3d drivers are the biggest impediment to freedom and innovation of the open source community. You want to run fedora on your tablet/phone/etc? Sorry, the manufacturer only provides android binaries! You want to run wayland? Sorry, there are only X11 binaries (if you are lucky)! You want to run the latest android pastry? Sorry, there was an incompatible change between kernel and userspace since the last pastry, and your old binary blobs don't work!

The freedreno project, and others such as lima, are aiming to bring a change to this, by providing free/libre and open source alternatives.



Note: the upstream xf86-video-freedreno/mesa/libdrm trees are part of the project. The github trees are mainly used for work-in-progress stuff.


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Join us on freenode in the #freedreno channel.